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love. love, love, love. love. 



A few people mentioned this video in my inbox. I shared it on my facebook a few weeks ago, because I thought it was really powerful, and it’s definitely worth sharing. Hear Katie Makkai’s beef with “pretty”. 

hope is a finicky beast.

you let it get too low, you get depressed. 

you let it get too high, you get disappointed.

hey, my submission made it! #celebrationdance


Coffee Temperatures


Panera says they like to think of their cafes (ugh, if you can call them that) as an “everyday oasis.” This makes me think of women schlepping in in their workout gear and/or pajamas, sprawling out over a booth like nobody can see them, and foodgasming over their frozen creamy coffee concoction and broccoli cheese soup out of a bag.  


it’s graduation weekend, and everyone my age is graduating with master’s degrees and more. i’m happy for them, 


i’m suddenly realizing how much i see education as a status symbol.

and i’m thinking, should i go back to school? (for real, that is. for more serious things than just breads and pastries.)


This could also be the welcome letter at the world’s best creative agencies.

^^ I disagree. I hope nobody claims their “life’s work” to be anything related to advertising. And yes, I work in advertising. 

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Only two days exist in the year when you cannot do anything. One is called yesterday and the other is tomorrow. But today is the best day to love, grow, do, and mainly to live.
Dalai Lama

Google thinks I need help with some bat poop clean-up. This is highly disturbing. Pretty sure “guano” is nowhere to be found in my inbox.